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No Burqas Behind Bars

International Emmy Award

No Burqas Behind Bars

Prix Europa



Those Who Said No

The Accolade Global Film Competition


Those Who Said No

One World Documentary film Festival Prague

I Was Worth 50 Sheep


I Was Worth 50 Sheep

Asian Pasefic AwardI Was Wort 50 Sheep



Gothenburg Film Festival


Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale

Monte-Carlo Film Festival

Those Who Said No

Movies that Matter Film Festival



China International New Media Shorts Festival


No Burqas Behind Bars

Bar Film Festival

I Was Woth 50 Sheep

Amnesty International  Film Festival


Crowded Screening of No Burqas Behind Bars At Ciné-ONU

Ciné-ONU is arranged on a monthly basis, each time chosing highly anticipated and award-winning films related to a specific UN issue. The initiative has developed to being rather successful in creating a platform for people to meet up and discuss Human Right Matters. It also gives the important chance to adress UN Officials on the spot.

This month we No Burqas Behind Bars was chosen, adressing Women's Right Matter. The screening was crowded drawing nearly 300 people. Unfortunately no one from Nimafilm could attend, but a panel discussion was held with Carlos Jimenez (UNRIC Desk Officer), Daniela Bankier and Dagmar Schumacher.

Ciné-ONU is organized by the United Nations Reginal Information Center in Brussels.

For more photos view Ciné-ONUs Flickr and Facebook page!

Latest production: No Burqas Behind Bars

A feature-length cinematographic documentary entirely shot inside one of the world’s most restricted environments: an Afghan women’s prison. Our unprecedented access to the lives and stories of the Afghani women prisoners enables us to explore how “moral crimes” are used to control women in post-Taliban Afghanistan. The women want their stories told. They want a voice. Only we can give it to them.


The Death Row

More than 30 years of war and violence in Afghanistan has brought about a collective anxiety among people. Under the influence of such anxiety, all social acts can be interpreted brutal and all public spaces introduce themselves implicitly as “death rows.”


Asian Pacific Screen Awards

November 24, 2011

I Was Worth 50 Sheep wins award for Best Documentary Feature Film at the 2011 Asian Pacific Screen Awards


I Was Worth 50 Sheep

Sabere was sold ten years old, to a 50-year-old afghan man, became pregnant several times, resulting in miscarriage. Now she is sixteen and being helped to fight for her freedom. Sabere's mother was also inherited by her cousin. They have a daughter Farzaneh, now eleven. Her father, is selling her because of poverty. Farzanes price tag was 50 sheep.

Latest Productions

Prison Sisters


Those Who Said No

Those Who Said No is a film about people who refuse to be silenced, people who fight for the right to tell their story in court.

No Burqas Behind Bars

Thakhar Prison. 40 women. 34 children. Four cells. No burqas.

The Death Row

A Short Film By Maryam Ebrahimi



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