Within the Shia-Islam there is something called "short term marriage", Sigheh in Persian. A man of this branch of Islam is entitled do marry four women and keep them as his permanent wives but he can also be holder of an infinite number of short term marriages. These marriages are regulated by a contract in which are indicated the price the man is to pay to the woman and the dates of the duration of the marriage. When the period of time agreed upon is ended the marriage automatically cease to exist. The man gets in exchange of the sum sexual access to the woman during the contracted period of time of the marriage. In a country where sex before marriage is forbidden a young man looks for a woman to contract a Sigheh with. But not everything turns out the way the young man has planned. What seemed so easy turns out to be a lot more complicated than he had ever imagined

Orginal title: Gäst hos sen döde mannen
English title: Dead mans guest
LanguageOrginal language: Persian
Swedish or English subtitle

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